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thecigarettestainedlies Asked:
You do realize that by forcing women to stay pregnant against their will, you are taking away their bodily autonomy, right? You are forcing them to donate their body to someone else. Let's take a look at that. Nowhere in the world is it legal to take any person's organs against their will. As a matter of fact, it's not even legal to take organs from corpses, unless they were donors. That's right, if you get your way, a DEAD BODY will have more rights than a woman. I'm sure you must be very proud

My answer:

"…donate their body to someone else."

Ok, I see where you are coming from and I will try to be rational about my reply.

Look, unfortunately, whether you become pregnant by accident or otherwise, a woman’s body is naturally accustomed to accommodate the body of a growing human being. The men provide the sperm and the woman provide the egg, and since we are mammals someone has to carry the baby. Hence the woman.

If you want to use the crude argument of “donating a body to someone else against their will,” that’s fine with me. But do not bring in the argument of using a corpse. A woman when pregnant is not a corpse. She is alive. A woman is there in the reproductive process to be the one who holds the child. That is the biology of everything. 

A dead body, as you say, seems to have more rights because it is a matter of respecting the dead. A dead body is there to be buried or cremated and decimating a grave site is one of the most inherently human sins in our history. However, a live woman does have rights. She can choose to have the child or not. If she cannot raise he or she on her own, how about adopt the child to someone else? 

A human, man or woman, never has the right to take away another life. The growing life inside a pregnant woman is life, and that is what I recognize it as. If the pregnant woman comes out of a pregnancy with a dead body, than that dead body always had less rights than the woman.

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