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A Pro-Life Blog: Life is a right too.

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    Lol yeah, we’re just reproductive instruments for our male counterparts. If I don’t want a kid, but my partner does, I...
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    You’re stupid
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    I LOVE how this makes something about a women’s choice to have control over her body into ‘liberal’ politics :D /sarcasm
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    They’re not being left out because they are a man. They are being left out because it isn’t their goddamn body. That’s...
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    They just want to find any excuse possible to take the choice of abortion away. They don’t really care about giving men...
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    Furthermore, how would you feel if oh lets say that man wants to force is s/o into HAVING an abortion? Not so much a fan...
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    Because the man isn’t risking his own health to have the baby. I do think that it’s something partners should talk about...
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    He can have a say just as soon as they invent a way for a man to carry a pregnancy. It’s not his body that will be...
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    I didnt know women got pregnant on their own


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About Me: I am not white, nor am I male, nor am I rich, nor am I even conservative. I am a female college student who is a minority and who has no party affiliation, but I am pro-life.

Asks: Feel free to ask me anything or submit anything. If you want to debate with me, say I'm an absolute lunatic, or just want to question my beliefs, go for it.

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