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A Pro-Life Blog: Life is a right too.

One is practically unavoidable and one can be avoided.

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    There is a huge difference but it has nothing to do with the morality of it or any nonsense like that. One someone...
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    i heard my friends talking about their stands on abortion and to summarize the entire thing, what i understood from that...
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    I sure love tracking the pro-choice tag.
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    There both murder
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    However, since it’s not my goddamn abortion it’s not my fucking place to have an opinion about either one. There is no...
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    There is a difference. One is necessary, and the other is a CHOICE!
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    It can be avoided, but sometimes it can’t.
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Answered Asks

About Me: I am not white, nor am I male, nor am I rich, nor am I even conservative. I am a female college student who is a minority and who has no party affiliation, but I am pro-life.

Asks: Feel free to ask me anything or submit anything. If you want to debate with me, say I'm an absolute lunatic, or just want to question my beliefs, go for it.

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